Most cubing and dimensioning systems on the market today are sold with their own conveyor – leading to high system costs. Shape Ape saves you money because you can mount Shape Ape above any conveyor – no need to buy a separate conveyor.

Background: Many existing solutions for 3D machine vision use laser triangulation sensors. These sensors project laser lines on objects as they move underneath. A calibrated camera then captures the reflected laser light and using geometry one can determine the profile of the illuminated portion of the object. Since the laser line does not cover the whole object, the object must move relative to the laser. Usually, the object moves on a conveyor underneath the laser and all the line data that is captured must then be combined to reconstruct the 3D profile of the object. Therefore, in addition to the laser line measurements, precise data of the object’s motion must be captured. Typically encoders are used on the conveyor in order to capture measurements of the object’s motion. This is why most cubing and dimensioning solutions on the market today for inline measurements come with their own conveyance. The sensor and the conveyor must be tightly integrated in order to provide reliable dimensional measurements of the full object.

Shape Ape, on the other hand, does not need a specialized conveyor – it can be mounted above any conveyor. Shape Ape uses low-cost commodity 3D sensors that were developed for gaming and robotics applications to capture the full 3D point cloud of the object in a single snapshot. Therefore, Shape Ape does not require the object to move on a specialized conveyor. As a result, you don’t need an encoded conveyor integrated with Shape Ape to make your measurements. Shape Ape can be mounted above any conveyor, which leads to significant cost-savings for customers. Shape Ape Standard, our flagship product, was released at $3950 and is a complete dimensioning solution that can be mounted above any conveyor. No need to purchase both the conveyor and sensor from us – just mount Shape Ape wherever you need dimensional measurements and start taking data!