Shape Ape Software Package

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Shape Ape Software Package


Shape Ape is a robust and reliable software package that automates the process of cubing, weighing, and barcode scanning. It is designed for warehouse, transportation and freight handling operations. You can use Shape Ape for a wide range of items, from small handheld packages all the way up to large, palletized freight.

Shape Ape is designed to utilize your existing scale and barcode scanner! Simply use the Shape Ape Scale Integration Tool to integrate our industry-leading Shape Ape Software with your existing equipment. Additional accessories required include a PC, Kinect for Xbox One, Kinect Adapter, and mounting hardware. (We help you identify the best hardware for your application).

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Product Description

Your Shape Ape purchase includes one license for a single installation of our flagship Shape Ape Software Package, a user-friendly Scale Integration Tool and a complete operating manual that details how to integrate Shape Ape into your existing operations.

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