With the growth of e-commerce and the recent implementation of dimensional weighting, accurate dimensional data of products and packages is now critical for warehousing and distribution operations. Shape Ape captures the dimensions of small items, irregular shapes, packages, crates, or large palletized freight for static and in-motion applications.

Static Dimensioning.

Shape Ape is perfect for measuring regular and irregular shaped products and packages. Shape Ape seamlessly integrates with your existing warehouse management system or outputs the data to a screen for manual data entry. Shape Ape can be used on small, battery-powered mobile workstations or at fixed locations in your facility. Accurate for a wide range of product and package sizes, from 1 inch all the way up to many feet. Shape Ape can be mounted on a table, cart, floor, wall, or ceiling.

In-motion Dimensioning.

Shape Ape is designed to capture accurate dimensional measurements of products and packages as they travel on high-speed conveyor lines in warehouse, transportation, and freight manifesting applications. Unlike competing solutions, Shape Ape saves you money because you can mount Shape Ape above any conveyor. Shape Ape captures the dimensions of individual items or bundled items to determine the optimal box size. Shape Ape also helps you accurately determine the dimensional weight of packages.

Palletized or Large Freight Dimensioning.

Shape Ape can be used to measure the dimensions of your large-scale items and packages. Perfect for freight terminals and cross-dock applications, Shape Ape does not require an expensive scanning structure composed of guide rails. Rather, Shape Ape determines dimensions from a single snapshot and can be mounted anywhere in your facility – saving you money. Since Shape Ape does not use lasers, you do not need to worry about eye safety issues.

Robotics and Material Handling.

Industrial automation and robotics solutions require robust and reliable dimensional data to automate material handling. Shape Ape is designed to enable a wide range of industrial automation tasks that could not have been automated in the past due to high system costs. Perfect for random bin picking, parts picking on pallets and trays, picking position determination, depalletizing of pallets and trays, space optimization, collision avoidance, machine tending, and autonomous robotic navigation.

Custom Solutions and Integration Services.

We designed Shape Ape to help you capture dimensional measurements without working with an integrator. However, we understand that you may need help for some applications. Therefore, we provide custom solutions and consulting services to help you leverage the power of Shape Ape. Our services range from free consultations to delivering full turnkey custom solutions. We are quality-driven and have a strong desire to engineer systems that run flawlessly.