In today’s world, warehouses and distribution centers need low-cost solutions to determine the dimensions of products and packages for reducing costs and increasing process efficiencies. Existing solutions use high-cost laser scanning technology, which lead to high systems costs.

Shape Ape accurately measures the dimensions of products and packages for both static and in-motion applications. For example, Shape Ape can be used at the receiving block or as a mobile cubing workstation. Shape Ape can also be mounted above any conveyor to capture dimensions of moving products and packages in warehouse, transportation, and freight manifesting applications. In addition, Shape Ape can be used to capture dimensions of large freight in freight terminals and cross-dock applications.

Perfect for fulfillment centers, mail order companies, retailers, distributors, logistics providers, service providers, and other distribution partners, Shape Ape helps you: 1) organize packages by volumetric size at conveyance speeds; 2) determine the volume of items without interrupting the flow of goods; 3) minimize shipping container and packaging material according to package sizes; 4) preselect shipping cartons for operators down the end of the line; and, 5) inspect packages for damage, bulges, or deformities.