Starting in 2015 FedEx and UPS began using dimensional weight to determine shipping costs. This will help ensure that the costs they incur to deliver a package are more closely aligned with the amount they charge the shipper. Since all packages are now subject to dimensional weight, shipping fees are increasing dramatically in 2015.

In order to reduce the impact of these new rules, there are a few things shippers can do to keep their order fulfillment costs low: 1) minimize wasted space; 2) use an alternative delivery option; and, 3) negotiate the dim divisor with the carrier.

Shape Ape is perfect for reducing shipping costs as a result of these new rules. Shape Ape can be used to determine the dimensions of both individual items and bundled items in order to reduce the size of packages used. It is particularly effective for multi-channel distribution applications. This will ultimately reduce transportation costs and help ensure profitability as shippers struggle to address increased shipping costs.