Dimensional data is more critical now than ever before. Shape Ape captures the dimensions of small items, irregular shapes, packages, crates, or large palletized freight for static and in-motion applications. Shape Ape is a complete and low-cost solution for accurately dimensioning items and packages in warehouse, transportation, and freight handling operations. Designed for both static and in-motion applications, Shape Ape will help you optimize material flow and ensure top throughput rates, saving time and money.

Many existing solutions for cubing and dimensioning use expensive laser scanning systems. Shape Ape, on the other hand, does not use laser scanning technology, but rather uses low-cost, state-of-the-art 3D sensors that were developed for high-performance gaming and robotics applications. Therefore, Shape Ape is much more cost-effective than competing solutions.

Shape Ape is designed for a wide range of applications. You can mount Shape Ape anywhere in your facility or mount it on a cart for use as a mobile dimensioning workstation. You can even hold it in your hand!

Unlike competing solutions, Shape Ape captures the dimensions with a single snapshot. No need to wait for the system to scan your part. Laser scanning solutions, on the other hand, require the object to move on a conveyor underneath the laser line or require the laser line to scan along guide rails over the item. This is why most cubing and dimensioning solutions on the market today for inline measurements come with their own conveyance system or guide rails. Shape Ape, on the other hand, does not need a specialized system for scanning – it can be mounted anywhere in your facility, even above existing conveyors.

Static and In-Motion Dimensioning.
Shape Ape captures accurate dimensions for both static and in-motion applications.