Now that dimensional weight is here, shippers are forced to analyze its financial impact. Of course, for both FedEX and UPS, revenues have increased, even with lower volumes of packages. As a result, the cost to ship a package is increasing, mostly due to dimensional weight.

Some technologies have been introduced to provide shippers with dimensional weight quickly and efficiently. These include laser scanners and bluetooth tape measures that allow the dimensional measurements to be sent directly to manifesting software. However, laser scanning technology is very expensive and therefore many shippers cannot justify the ROI to purchase such systems. While bluetooth measures are less expensive, they do not provide an automated solution for dimensional weight measurements. Using barcoded boxes is another option, but that introduces another step (barcode scanning) into the operations.

Shape Ape is proving to be a game changer for automated dimensional weight measurements. Shape Ape uses low-cost and high-performance 3D sensors that were developed for gaming and robotics applications. It is a complete 3D machine vision inspection solution that is perfect for automated dimensional weight measurements. Not only does Shape Ape provide a low cost solution, it can be mounted almost anywhere in your facility. It can be used for both static and in-motion applications and is easily configured to integrate with a wide range of existing software and systems.