Lean packaging is now an essential practice for companies engaged in shipping packages as they search for ways to reduce costs. As of January 1, 2015, FedEx Corp. and UPS Inc. began “dimensional weight pricing” for all of their ground packages, forcing shippers to improve their packaging efficiency. Dimensional weight is determined by the following calculation: Length x Width x Height of the box divided by the applicable dimensional factor (166 domestically and 139 internationally). This new pricing structure is having a significant impact on numerous industries, including e-commerce and furniture.

Warehouses and distribution centers are now seeking innovative and cost-effective packaging solutions. Shape Ape can help shippers save money by enabling packaging on demand. By providing dimensional measurements of individual items or bundled items, Shape Ape can help shippers determine the optimal box size in real time. Shape Ape’s high-resolution inline dimensional measurements can help shippers determine the smallest footprint that it would use in a box. As a result, Shape Ape can enable packagers to use the perfect fitting box, ensuring they don’t transport air, thereby reducing transportation costs. Shape Ape’s high resolution measurements are perfect for packaging on demand, inbound cubing, outbound manifest, and other packaging applications.