Shape Ape ( was developed to fill a need for low-cost and precise inline dimensioning and quality inspection of products and packages. Current solutions use expensive 3D laser sensors, which lead to high system costs. We use low-cost 3D time-of-flight sensors that were developed for military, gaming, and mobile robotics applications. As a result, Shape Ape is a fraction of the cost of existing solutions. Shape Ape Standard, our flagship product, was released at only $3950.

Shape Ape is perfect for warehousing and distribution applications:

1. Packaging on Demand: Help shippers save money by providing dimensional measurements of individual items or bundled items to determine the optimal box size. This ensures that packagers use the perfect fitting box so they don’t transport air – ultimately reducing transportation costs. Shape Ape Standard was designed to help shippers address the recent price increases by FedEx and UPS for “dimensional weight pricing”.

2. Dimensioning Regular and Irregular Packages: Help shippers determine the precise dimensions of packages for a wide range of applications, including: 1) to automate the matching of client parcel information with measured data; 2) to calculate transport capacities and optimize vehicle loads; and, 3) to optimize the internal flow of goods.

3. Quality Inspection: Help shippers find defects in packages and products before they reach their customers.

4. Part Identification: Identify parts as they pass on a conveyor for routing changes.

Our team has developed and fielded numerous 3D machine vision solutions for customers in the US, Mexico, and Canada, and we developed Shape Ape because the hardware and software costs of existing 3D sensors were cost-prohibitive for many of our clients.